covid19 treatment at home

COVID-19 Symptoms: How To Spot and Treat at Home

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The world has taken a massive hit from COVID-19. With everyone being urged to stay at home to reduce the risk of infection, what should you do if you start developing symptoms of the virus? So far, no cure or vaccine can be used to treat COVID-19 but that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat the symptoms at home. If …

covid19 new normal

COVID-19: Navigating The New Normal

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The world, just like everyone’s lives, has been put to a halt. COVID-19 has had such a massive impact globally that it has changed a lot of how people function. Massive cities that were considered to be a dream to live in now look like a scene from Silent Hill because of how empty they look. The global response to …

working from home

7 Things to Do to Stay Healthy while Working from Home

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In theory, working from home is considered to be a healthier route because there are no unhealthy office snacks. You can cook your meals, you can workout, and rest any time you want. But yes, that’s just in theory. Since the pandemic started, the majority of the workforce is forced to work from home and one of the ultimate questions …

covid19 self isolation

COVID-19: Why Self Isolation is Important

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The current global pandemic is calling individuals who are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19 to self-isolate. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the protocols of self-isolation, why it’s necessary, and who are currently advised to do so.   What is self-isolation? Practicing self-isolation can help protect other people from getting the virus as well as slowing the spread of COVID-19. …

social distancing covid19

COVID-19: What is Social Distancing?

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Every day is different for the spread of coronavirus – the disease is spreading fast, with numbers increasing rapidly day per day. Governments have exhausted different efforts to curb the virus, including closing their borders, encouraging people to practice social distancing, asking business owners to explore a work from the home arrangement, and reminding people always to practice proper hygiene. …

staying safe covid19

Practical Things You Can Do to Stay Safe from COVID-19

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The widespread fear of the COVID-19 pandemic is here and, because of the community quarantine and lockdowns, a lot of us are wondering what else we can do to prevent the infection. To help you, we’ve come up with a practical guide based on reliable sources.   Staying Safe in Your Community According to the WHO spokesperson, COVID-19 is just …

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4 Steps to Boost Your Immune System and Fight Coronavirus

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Everyone is looking for the best steps to boost immunity in the midst of COVID19. Many are buying products that promise a “boost” in the immune system. However, there is no evidence to support that we only need to take one or three superfoods to boost our immune system. It’s always essential to have a combined approach. This means that …

causes of death in US

5 Leading Causes Of Deaths in the US and How You Can Prevent Them

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Death is a concept that all of us are familiar with, which means keeping yourself alive for as long as possible is the goal for any person. Being able to enjoy every single memory until their dying breath and succumbing to the sweet release of death naturally is quite rare nowadays. With diseases and accidents happening left and right, it …

digital transformation healthcare

Digital Transformation: The Key To Better Healthcare

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For those who don’t know, digital transformation in healthcare is basically just the positive impact that technology has on healthcare. Some examples would be Telemedicine, artificial intelligence-enabled medical devices, and electronic medical records. It’s basically only innovations that aim to optimize the work of medical professionals by assisting or helping with accessibility. With the up and coming growth and emergence …

Diagnosio – Our Virtual Doctor, Your Symptoms, Your Online Diagnosis

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Check Your Symptoms Online Using A man couldn’t see, so he made a light bulb. A man was always late, so he built a car. Then, a man wanted to know everything, so he built the internet. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind (hopefully) that technology has changed our lives for the better and will keep on doing so. …