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Diagnosio is a brand of BraineHealth AB and the names can be interchanged.

Isabel is a trademark of Isabel Healthcare.

BraineHealth AB - Diagnosio is powered by services from Isabel Healthcare "Isabel".

Powered by Isabel Healthcare

A user of Diagnosio Services (this Website) will provide some privacy data along with other data needed to perform differential diagnostics. Diagnosio pushes such data (partly or in full detail) to Isabel and Diagnosio receives responses from Isabel that are presented to the user through this website. We call this process  "powered by Isabel Healthcare"

Under no circumstances will BraineHealth take any responsibilty for the accuracy or reliability of the the outcome from Isabel or how that outcome is utilized by the user. BraineHealth refer to "term and conditions" and other policys on the website of Isabel Healthcare as well as our own "terms and condition" on this website together with our other integrity policies. The user of this website should carefully read

Isabel Healthcare Terms and Conditions


Isabel Healthcare Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with our complete set of policies and disclaimer: