Diagnoser Personal Small – Free trial

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Describe your symptoms and Diagnoser presents a structured list of potential diagnoses.

Features: Structured diagnoses list, trusted knowledge source linking, medical advice attention alerts.

One day free trial when signing up for PREMIUM membership.

3 free diagnostic examinations with your free trial.

No credit card are needed for free trials. Subscription expires directly after your free trial.

Sign up for a good cause – Part of your paid subscription are used by our charity inEmpathy.org to democratize healthcare in developing countries. Read more.


Product Description

Diagnoser will present a structured list of diagnoses based on your described symptoms and other data that you will provide. Diagnoser is based on a deep learning data base of thousands of diagnoses and millions of previous inquiries.

When you sign up for a Diagnoser Personal Small Free Trial subscription to use the application Diagnoser, you will automatically have PREMIUM membership in Diagnosio Community during the free trial time.

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*Subscription – Diagnoser Personal Small (Free trial)

  • Dedicated for you that need immediate diagnostic support and learning about your symptoms.
  • You can during one day request for 3 differential diagnostic examinations based on your symtoms.
  • At the end of the subscription period or the inquiry limit is met you will be asked to upgrade or start a new subscription.

Diagnoser form filling

  • Your contact data – a part of your membership and where to send your result.
  • *Gender and if you are pregnant.
  • *Region you are living in or has recently been in.
  • *Your age.
  • *Your symptoms including intensity or position.
  • Diagnoser will also assist you by suggesting symptoms when you start writing.

*Diagnosio deep learning modul depends on this data.

Diagnoser result

  • Structured table of potential diagnoses.
  • Knowledge links to trusted sources for each and every diagnosis in the presented table.
  • When relevant, Diagnosio will alert you for seeking medical advice for specific diagnoses.

You are automatically supporting for a good cause.

For every 10:th diagnostic examination you do using Diagnoser with a paid subscription we will donate the corresponding revenue to develop dedicated similar services to democratize healthcare in developing countries. The good cause is activated through our charity inempathy.org  Read more here.

Diagnosio Disclaimer of use of this product

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*This subscription is intended for personal use only. The system checks with different identification measures for each and every submission to prohibit abuse. Limitation of number of submissions is based on such identification measures.