5 Things That Could Change in Technology by 2030

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For the past few years, we’ve experienced very extreme improvements in technology. Who would have expected that we would reach this level of quality for Computer Generated Images or the capabilities of our computers and AI would improve this quick.

As we continue to grow and develop technology, we list down five technology-related things that might change by 2030.


Quantum Computing

By 2030, Quantum Computing, which is in its developmental stages as of the moment, will have improved exponentially. It’s predicted that in the following years, new major applications will surface for these computers.

Simulation of very complex chemical reactions or complex physical simulations for things like space ventures will now be easily accessed through the rise of technology regarding quantum computers. Scientists will be able to compute meaningful and real-world problems at a practical and reliable scale by 2030.


New Cancer Treatments

Probably one of the most exciting things on this list is how cancer treatment and detection technology changes. For years now, cancer has continued to plague society, killing so many people because of our lack of technology to treat them.

By 2030, scientists predict that we will be able to precisely identify what patients are facing, and we will have the technology to apply treatments that are more precise and effective than in the past. We’re bound to see improvements in instruments and machines that combat cancer, and we’re all here for it!


Robotic Cashiers

It might seem far fetched now, but robots have been working for industries for a long time now. We’ve already benefited from robots and AI from sorting in factories to lifting and transporting goods in warehouses.

With the use of “microfulfillment,” a technology that’s currently being developed, scientists predict that 2030 robots will be capable of handling day to day transactions in the retail business. If this does happen, this is bound to revolutionize the retail industry.


Construction Technology

We’ve already seen how important types of machinery and technology is for construction. Years ago, we could barely build ourselves skyscrapers, and now almost every city has a handful of them. By 2030, construction will become a synchronized sequence of processes, making them more efficient at delivering control and production scale.

It will be faster, safer, and more cost-efficient to build homes, offices, buildings, and even large infrastructure because of technology improvement. Actionable data will be shedding light on areas we were unable to tackle in the past.

Instead of people proactively addressing things on the site, we’ll have technology do the heavy work for us. With this rise in technology, we’re bound to have more precise planning and execution when it comes to construction.


Renewable Energy

The last and obviously not the least on this list is improvements in Renewable Energy technology. We’ve seen the rise of people getting themselves solar panels or solar-charged devices that solely rely on the sun’s rays.

We know that oil and fossil fuel won’t be there for us by the time we move into the distant future because of how much we’re consuming at such an alarming rate.

Over the next five years, countries and major companies will begin to transition from conventional energy sources to renewable energy. We’ve seen just how much energy we can get from the sun, the wind, and even water. We will continue to capitalize on this, and technology will also drastically improve to cater to people’s preferences.


We’ve all been aiming for a greener lifestyle, and this is exactly one of the ways that can help us with that goal. Scientific machines learning how to combine physics-based models with impossible amounts of data will also lead to lean, more low cost, and energy consumption efficient advancements.