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How to Stay Safe During COVID-19 Reopening

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In order to restart the economy, communities and businesses in New York and other major cities have started to reopen. However, this does not mean that the virus has weakened or has gone away. Safety measures, massive testing, contact tracing and concrete plans must be in place to ensure that there won’t be any resurgence of cases. Without these measures, it would be like letting everybody out, cases will rise again and we’re all back to square one.

Since restrictions have already eased and people will be out there, here are some ways to lessen the risk in case you really need to go out:



The safest mode of transportation right now is walking, biking or driving your own car. With no one to interact with, it is less likely that you get the virus.

But if it is not a walking distance or you don’t know how to bike or do not have your own car to drive, then you will have to commute. In this case, it is advisable that you wear a face mask and be cautious about hand hygiene. Try to avoid touching any surface.

You can also use a taxi, Uber or Lyft. This is a much better option (if you can afford to) as long as the driver will wear his/her mask. You can also ask to put down the car window for better air circulation.


In the Office

Elevators pose risks for employees that are asked to go back to their offices because it is impossible to practice a safe distance in such a small space. Thus, you must continue wearing your mask and face the wall so you won’t be breathing someone’s breath.

Surfaces must be disinfected thoroughly and regularly. These surfaces include elevator buttons, doorknobs, printer buttons and other things that are used by everyone in the office.

The office bathroom can be dangerous, too given the research that found the virus can be present in one’s stool, too. When a stool has the virus and it is flushed, it can cause a plume cloud that can spread the virus in the air ducts, the ceiling, the floors and even to you.



Restaurants are already practicing some social distancing measures, but the biggest risk is when you will be around other people. So, it is suggested that you avoid any crowds while waiting.

You should also take caution in holding condiments (salt and pepper), shakers, pens and other stuff that is used by others.

Restaurants are also encouraged to use paper menus that they can discard after every client or disinfecting their menus in between customers or having a downloadable menu on the phone.


Hairdresser or Barbershop

It is still best to schedule a house appointment with your hairdresser or barber. It is very risky to go to the parlor or barbershop because the hairdresser or barber might be exposed to a positive patient.


Outdoor Exercise

Healthcare experts have agreed that outdoor exercise is generally safe if done by yourself. Golf can be done safely as long as there will be a safe distance. Tennis is also low risk. Swimming on open beaches is okay too as long as you keep your distance from other people. Swimming in the pool is also safe because the chlorine can kill the virus.



As of now, it is safer to continue doing your exercise at home. This is because it can be challenging to disinfect gym equipment often enough or in a reliable manner with everybody touching everything.

Movie Theaters

Movie theaters remain to be closed because even if people practice social-distancing measures, people still spend a long time sitting there. It is enough time for people to breathe the virus particles lingering in the air.


Coming Home

It is still highly advised that you wash your hands and take a bath immediately when you get home. Make sure to put your clothes on a bleach solution and avoid touching anything before you have taken a bath.