Diagnosio ROBO

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Diagnosio ROBO will have a conversation with you about your medical state and symtoms and will propose probable diagnoses based on your descriptions.

One day free trial when signing up for DIAMOND membership.

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Product Description

Diagnosio Robo is a humanoid robot head who will have a conversation with you in the same manner as you would have with your family doctor. The conversation and result is based on artifical intelligence based on deep learning using a data bases of thousands of diagnoses. You can have Robo at your home or meet Robo at your clinic.

When you sign up for a subscription to use the application Diagnosio ROBO , you will automatically have DIAMOND membership in Diagnosio Community.

Read more about the benefits under the tab Premium Member.

Diagnosio ROBO input

As a conversational social robot Diagnosio ROBO will retrieve at least the following essential data from you

  • Your contact data – a part of your membership and where to send your result.
  • *Gender and if you are pregnant.
  • *Region you are living in.
  • *Your age
  • *Your symtoms and associated measurement data such as intensity or position.
  • Diagnosio ROBO will also assist you by suggest symtoms.

*Diagnosio deep learning modul depends on this data.

Diagnosio DOC  output

  • Structured table of diagnoses on a designated screen in the order of most relevance
  • Knowledge links on the screen to each and every diagnoses in the presented table.
  • When relevant Diagnosio ROBO will present emergency alerts for specific diagnoses.
  • All the above will also orally presented in a natural way

Diagnosio Disclaimer of use of this product

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