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7 Things to Do to Stay Healthy while Working from Home

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In theory, working from home is considered to be a healthier route because there are no unhealthy office snacks. You can cook your meals, you can workout, and rest any time you want. But yes, that’s just in theory.

Since the pandemic started, the majority of the workforce is forced to work from home and one of the ultimate questions that everyone is still asking today is how do we stay healthy while we work from home? We’ve gathered some answers from experts so here it goes:


1. Find Your Space

We’re not saying that you have to have an office in your home but find a corner that you can designate as a work area.

There also has to be boundaries and we highly recommend that this boundary shouldn’t be your bed. Find a corner or a space that’s away from your bedroom with appropriate lighting. You can add the right light conducive for work. You’ll most likely staying there for hours so make sure it must be comfortable space .


2. Comfort and Posture

Find an appropriate chair for your business corner. It’s one of the most critical parts of being productive when working from home because it’s where you spend most of your time working. Get and set the right chair for you in order to avoid any back pain. You can get a footstool when needed.

If you tend to sit more extended periods, then an adjustable standing table may also do the trick.


3. Create a Schedule

We see a lot of memes and jokes online that if you’re working from home, you get to wake up 2 minutes before your meeting. Now that maybe true but it’s an unhealthy approach.

You have to create a home-based workday regardless if you spend 4 hours or 8 hours working. The schedule also helps in your productivity and enables you to organize your work and personal priorities.


4. Don’t Forget to Move

It’s essential to move around the house, exercise, and take a break from sitting down and working, especially if you’re working 12 hours a day. You can do this by adding a scheduled exercise in your calendar. If you want something simple, you can set an alarm that goes off every after 30 or 90 minutes to remind you to stretch.


5. Get Fresh Air

While you’re looking for what to do to take a break from sitting, you can also add “get out to get some fresh air.” You don’t have to bike or drive around the block. Sipping your afternoon coffee near your window or just walking a few minutes on your lawn can make a lot of difference.


6. Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget to stay hydrated even if you’re just in front of the computer. Remember that dehydration can cause fatigue and headache. It can also negatively affect your productivity and alertness. Track your water intake and drink at least eight glasses in a day. If you want to add a little flavor, you can also drink fresh juices during your break to add color to your morning/afternoon break.


7. Eat Healthy Food

Working from home should not be an excuse for you to slack off on your diet or to stack up on unhealthy meals. Find the time to cook for lunch or dinner or prepare healthy snacks in advance. Meal prepping helps you make healthy choices and avoid food waste.

Aside from those mentioned above, you can also limit your intake of sugary drinks. Don’t snack on sweet food as it causes a lack of concentration and even makes you feel more hungry.


If working from home is your new routine, then you might as well practice these simple tips. You can also check out 10 Things to Prepare for a CoViD-19 Quarantine.