Artificial Intelligence: 7 Ways AI Can Be Used For Good

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The wonders of technology steadily progress, and the possibilities seem limitless. Despite the constant theories of AIs one day enslaving humanity and taking over all of our jobs, the vast potential that AI possesses can be overlooked.

AIs aren’t only limited to manufacturing work either. You can use them on technically anything that you want. Need extra assistance and guidance? AI can help you with that! Even hospitals are using AI and robots to help assist patients and medical workers alike. Still having doubts about how good AIs can be? Let me convince you with seven examples of how AIs can be right.



The level of convenience when it comes to service with the use of AIs is incredible! With over a billion people living with some form of disability all around the world, AI can be used to amplify their overall accessibility. This is already proven if we consider that multiple healthcare centers in the U.S are currently using AI programs for ease of access.

With the use of AI, we can rest easy, knowing that everything shortly will be more comfortable and more technologically advanced with each breakthrough.


Impacting World Hunger

The UN has already taken action to fight against the current problem regarding world hunger. It’s estimated that our food supply will increase by over 70 per cent. But increasing the amount by 70% seems like an impossible task but not with the assistance of AI. Automating tasks that would usually be incredibly taxing for physical workers will not only increase efficiency but also increase production.

Even detecting diseases in the crops and wild stock or the application of herbicide and other chemicals can be made more comfortable with the use of AI.


Propagation of Human Rights

The identification of human rights violations can be more comfortable with the use of AI. Facial recognition is becoming more and more prominent, and finding perpetrators becomes easier. It can also be used to find people who were reported missing in cases of human trafficking.


Fake News Negation

Despite the constant backlash towards AIs and their poor recognition of fake news, it can be used as a tool against it. Since the amount of content posted daily is too much for people to filter them individually, using an algorithm with AIs can be incredibly useful. AIs can also learn and be programmed to do better and have a more solid algorithm.



AI has revolutionized the health industry in more ways than one! Being used as support for workers and patients alike, AIs can be used to improve the state of a hospital further. Aiding with finding diseases and assisting patients that need help, AIs can do it all.



Educators are already pressured to create the best learning experience for students and hit performance benchmarks, also can be used as a tool to support in and out of the classroom. May it be assisting with lessons or encouraging students to learn, AI can bring a substantial impact on the state of education everywhere.


Solidifying Resilience

When it comes to natural disasters or calamities, Artificial Intelligence is critical. With the monitoring and data collection of AI, companies and the government can look for ways to make their buildings and infrastructure less susceptible to damage.


The use of artificial intelligence is something that we should accept. The level of innovation and knowledge that these AIs provide and enable is sure to lead us to a new age of humanity. A period of ease of access and more significant breakthroughs in technology no less.