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Why Googling Symptoms is Not a Good Idea

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“Please do not confuse your Google search with my medical degree.” -unknown With the rise of the internet and technology, almost everything that we want to have or know, is just a click away. Google, for instance is like a gift to mankind. Everything you want to know; Google has the answer. Google is a technology company that specializes in …

I Think I Have Hypertrichosis: Why You Need to Stop Googling Symptoms and Stick to Diagnosio Instead

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Do you have a stomach ache? It could be cancer. Or tumors. Or organ failure. A simple stomach ache could look a whole lot worse after a few cursory internet searches. The list of possibilities about what’s causing that tummyache is almost endless. But here’s the real kicker: many of the sites internet users go to aren’t reliable. Googling symptoms …