I Think I Have Hypertrichosis: Why You Need to Stop Googling Symptoms and Stick to Diagnosio Instead

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Do you have a stomach ache? It could be cancer.

Or tumors. Or organ failure.

A simple stomach ache could look a whole lot worse after a few cursory internet searches.

The list of possibilities about what’s causing that tummyache is almost endless.

But here’s the real kicker: many of the sites internet users go to aren’t reliable. Googling symptoms and working yourself into a lather is only going to stress you out about a condition that might not exist, and that wreaks further havoc on your health.

If you use the internet to diagnose your symptoms, you need a resource you can trust. If that’s the case, Diagnosio is your new best friend. Here’s why.

Why You Should Stop Googling Symptoms

Reports indicate 80% of internet users utilize online sources to diagnose themselves. In many instances, the internet can be an excellent source of knowledge, but searchers should be wary of believing everything they read.


Of the 113 million Americans who turn to the internet for diagnoses, only 15% check the source and date of the information they come across.

Anyone can post anything on the internet. While this is a wonderful thing in many ways, the bad side of this coin is that it means many internet pages are simply inaccurate. And can you really trust that the search algorithm provides relevant results at all, or is it all just confirmation bias?

That doesn’t mean that bloggers and webpage designers are cackling geniuses trying to trick individuals; it simply means that not everyone takes the time to verify their facts and that some people are paid to say certain things or present certain search results.

Sites have their own intended audiences, biases, and sponsors. All of these are factors influencing how information is posted, phrased and shared.

The problem is most people don’t bother to research webpage creators, writers, and sponsors to evaluate a source. They simply believe what they read or base their judgment off of first impressions.

And while most are wary of the internet, neuroscience indicates our brains are hardwired to believe what we’ve been told repetitively or to listen to sources that appear trustworthy but may not be.

So when we’re scanning several sites and see the same terrifying cause for the rash on our arm, we begin to believe it. But most of the time, the online picture is much grimmer than reality.

Endless Possibilities

We all know that you can type your symptoms into a search engine and have some terrifying diagnoses provided. However, researchers from Harvard Medical School have found that most of these sources have extreme deficits in triage and diagnosis.

In average Joe terms, that means they aren’t very accurate and they tend to perform poorly when rating urgency and providing next steps.


The questionable credibility and grim outcomes we see take a toll.

In fact, research indicates the severe diagnoses cause at least 10% of internet users to become frightened by the horrific nature of the diseases they may have. Other reports verify that the more symptom-checking individuals conduct online, the worse their illness anxiety becomes.

So if you go to the internet for reassurance when you’re sick, you might want to rethink your decision.

Stress has profound impacts on health, affecting individuals’ physical and mental well-being and even their behavior. Stress further weakens the immune system, which can make your symptoms worse.


Finally, in some instances, the online list of possible deaths and diseases creates a condition known as cyberchondria.

Experts disagree on the exact definition of cyberchondria. Some claim it is an online equivalent to hypochondria while others define it as a state of excessive concern about health due to online self-diagnosing.

Either way, the condition is an effect of our society’s reliance on the internet and our inherent belief in the things we see repetitively from sources that appear trustworthy.

Why You Should Use Diagnosio

As you can see, Googling your symptoms leads you down a proverbial rabbit hole with very gruesome and oftentimes rare endings.

That’s why you should use Diagnosio.


Diagnosio uses credible sources. In fact, it only uses verified medical databases to provide possible reasons for your symptoms.

Instead of getting a list of questionable diagnoses, you get a list of potential causes that you know you can trust.

Further Research

Want to conduct further research?

Diagnosio provides links to reliable sites about each condition. You won’t have to worry that you’re reading inaccurate information during your research.

The idea is to promote further learning in a safe way.


Diagnosio also lists your potential diagnoses in order of relevance. This makes it easy to see what is most likely the cause of your symptoms.

Instead of worrying you have a horrible, flesh-eating disease, you can quickly see what diagnosis best matches your symptoms. This minimizes needless worrying and encourages thoughtful decisions.

It even provides information about the frequency of each disease, which can further alleviate concerns rather than encourage them.

Coupled with the ability to conduct further research, this means you have the necessary knowledge to make a logical and healthy choice about what to do next.


Next to each diagnosis, this platform includes flags detailing whether or not you should seek immediate help. Patients can easily see if they should immediately contact a medical professional and how likely it is they have a condition.

While it’s best to always seek the advice of a doctor, this is an invaluable tool if an emergency occurs and you’re not sure what to do next.

Less Stress

All of Diagnosio’s characteristics work together to inform users rather than frighten them. It provides them with reliable information they can trust and provides the resources they need to make informed decisions.

Instead of Googling a symptom and suffering from the anxiety that occurs afterward, users have a realistic depiction of what might be causing their health signs.

Its app can even be used on the go.

Check Your Symptoms the Smart Way

It’s time to stop Googling symptoms and start check your symptoms the smart way. Diagnosio is your answer.

To learn more about Diagnosio, visit our site to browse our membership options.

Online checking doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Instead, it’s time to make it an informative one.