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Why You Should Check Your Symptoms

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Why you should check your symptoms as soon as possible.

Why you should check your symptoms as soon as possible.
When you run Diagnosio, you will soon notice that Dr. Diagnosio is very clever and that it will provide you with a relevant list of potential diagnoses based on your symptoms.

In today’s society, it is normal to look up any subject matter on the internet. With the vast amount of knowledge and information at hand, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. When browsing the web, it is not always easy to distinguish right from false. Are the sources used trustworthy and validated?

Trusted information is especially relevant within the medical field. When you google symptoms, you will get thousands of results, and it can be difficult to differentiate the right information from wrong information. The way Google displays search results is by showing those websites with the most amount of clicks. This means that Google rates sites based on their popularity, and does not take into account a website’s credibility.

Diagnosio is an intelligent search engine that uses artificial intelligence based on machine learning. Diagnosio will only use validated medical databases when performing searches. One might say that the algorithm behind the vital patient data searches acts as a virtual doctor.

When you provide Diagnosio with your symptoms, Diagnosio will present a table of diagnoses in order of relevance to how well they match up with your symptoms. Diagnosio will also alert you for diagnoses where you need to seek immediate medical advice.

When you run Diagnosio, you perhaps want to add an additional symptom to the list. That is simple, just run Diagnosio once again. Your previous descriptions will appear in the form, and you only have to add your additional information and resubmit the form. Diagnosio will then respond with a new table of diagnoses.

Why not print out the list of diagnoses and show it to your doctor? You can also choose to run Diagnosio together with your family doctor.

Under no circumstances should you replace your family doctor by using Diagnosio. Diagnosio should only be used for educational purposes.

For each and every individual diagnosis proposed by Diagnosio, you will also be shown links to highly trusted medical sources as well as providing links to Wikipedia and others. This will allow you to further read up on the different diagnoses to get a better understanding of your ailments. You will soon notice that you will learn a lot after running Diagnosio a couple of times.

So why not give it a try. You can always start with a free trial. We here at BraineHealth hope that Dr. Diagnosio suits your urge for medical information about your symptoms.

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BraineHealth will democratize healthcare globally for everyone everywhere anytime using intelligent healthcare technologies by providing scalable digital solutions based on combined artificial intelligence and robotics. BraineHealth has three trademarks in digitalized healthcare; Diabetio, Online Doktorn and Diagnosio.

BraineHealth AB is a Swedish company developing intelligent digital services for consumers and healthcare partners. The company was founded in 2016 by healthcare professionals specialising in primary and elderly care. The company has previously developed a digital platform for online medical advisory services, such as Lugn&Ro Doktorn and an AI-platform for epidemic diseases such as diabetes. BraineHealth is focused on providing patients and the healthcare community scalable solutions based on artificial intelligence, such as for better preventive and self-management care of epidemic diseases. BraineHealth co-operates on testing new products and services with the healthcare provider Lugn&Ro Sverige AB (major owner of BraineHealth).