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Top 3 Healthcare Trends in 2019

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Healthcare trends 2019 is shaping up to be another year for the healthcare industry, especially for better data management and protection. Organizations are also here to design a user-friendly experience for patients and staff in the industry. Innovation, enhanced infrastructure, and optimized workflow are just some of the goals of healthcare providers. Investments in these aspects are also expected to …


Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

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Researchers and scientists consider artificial intelligence (AI) as similar to electricity; it will be a transformative tool in every industry, even in healthcare. What will AI bring in the future? Predictions for 2019 claim there will be an increase of AI transactions in healthcare. To support this, more than a third of hospitals and healthcare institutions plan to integrate AI …

Artificial Intelligence App: Bridging the Gap in Healthcare

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“Artificial Intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the Web. It would understand exactly what you wanted, and it would give you the right thing. We’re nowhere near doing that now. However, we can get incrementally closer to that, and that is basically what we work on.” -Larry Page What …

How Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Is Going to Be Used

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When they hear about artificial intelligence, many people may think it’s solely related to those human-like robots you see in Science Fiction movies like Her or Ex Machina . However, in the real world, non-robotic AI-driven solutions are already being used to help medical providers to answer today’s essential medical questions. In this article, you are going to learn about a few promising …

What You Need to Know About the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

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Artificial intelligence is no longer something you can only see in science fiction movies; it is now an integral part of the medical system and it will lead to changes we could’ve barely imagined just years ago. Machines are getting better at learning how to outperform humans in terms of the speed with which they complete certain tasks, as well …

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: What Will the Impact Be in the Future?

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Artificial intelligence has been making forays in the tech world of recent times. However, it has also gained a significant presence in the field of medicine. With the improvement of technologies and the increase of processing power, AI has more applications in the healthcare industry than ever before. But just how much of an impact does the inclusion of artificial …