Virtual Doctor for Differential diagnoses for symptoms

Diagnosio- a virtual doctor

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BraineHealth launches Diagnosio - a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses based on your medical symptoms.

The Swedish company BrainEhealth that is developing automation tools for healthcare using AI methods launches today Diagnosio. Diagnosio is a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses from patient data such as age, gender and patient symptoms.
The virtual doctor app Diagnosio can be used by patients and preferably together with family doctors.

Diagnosio is a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses based on patient vital medical information such as symptoms, age and gender. The app Diagnosio proposes a structured list, a top 10 list, of potential diagnoses and additional information.

The proposed diagnoses is a relevant match between patient data and potential diagnoses based on deep learning from thousands of diagnoses and millions of previous symptoms queries using artificial intelligence.

Diagnosio will also alert the user to seek immediate medical advice for some of the proposed diagnoses.

For each and every proposed diagnosis, Diagnosio will link the user to trusted medical knowledge sources such as Merck Consumer data base, Medline Plus, Mayo Clinic, WebMD but also to popular search engines.

The user can sign up for a trial account and for subscriptions.

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About BraineHealth AB

BraineHealth will democratize healthcare globally for everyone everywhere anytime using intelligent healthcare technologies by providing scalable digital solutions based on combined artificial intelligence and robotics. BraineHealth has three trademarks in digitalized healthcare; Diabetio, Online Doktorn and Diagnosio.

BraineHealth AB is a Swedish company developing intelligent digital services for consumers and healthcare partners. The company was founded in 2016 by healthcare professionals specialising in primary and elderly care. The company has previously developed a digital platform for online medical advisory services, such as Lugn&Ro Doktorn and an AI-platform for epidemic diseases such as diabetes. BraineHealth is focused on providing patients and the healthcare community scalable solutions based on artificial intelligence, such as for better preventive and self-management care of epidemic diseases. BraineHealth co-operates on testing new products and services with the healthcare provider Lugn&Ro Sverige AB (major owner of BraineHealth).