Virtual Doctor for Differential diagnoses for symptoms

BraineHealth’s Virtual Doctor Diagnosio Now Manages Natural, Free-Text Queries About Patient Symptoms

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The patients can now ask the virtual doctor Diagnosio about their symptoms in natural language for differential diagnoses – a huge benefit. 

STOCKHOLMJuly 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —  The Swedish company BraineHealth has considerably improved the capabilities of their virtual doctor Diagnosio. Now, Dr. Diagnosio can understand natural language when patients are asking about their symptoms.

The Swedish company BraineHealth previously launched Dr. Diagnosio – a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses from patient vital data such as age, gender and patient symptoms. The user taps in their symptoms one after the other and Dr. Diagnosio uses machine-learning methods to match the most relevant diagnoses based on a validated database. Dr. Diagnosio has now considerably improved itself and can now handle natural sentences as symptom description. Dr. Diagnosio can also combine natural sentences with a list of symptoms that the patient easily picks from a predefined scroll list.


This is a very important step to make the interaction between the user and our virtual doctor Diagnosio more natural. The user can describe their symptoms by free text or get help from predefined symptoms in our database or combine them. This will considerably improve the accuracy of the symptom description for Diagnosio and therefore improve the differential diagnoses, says Roger Svensson, CEO, BraineHealth.


Dr. Diagnosio then proposes a structured list of potential diagnoses and additional information provided by trusted medical knowledge sources such as Merck Consumer database, Medline Plus, Mayo Clinic, WebMD and popular search engines.

The virtual app Dr. Diagnosio can be used by patients to their own discretion but is also preferably used together with a family doctor. When needed, Diagnosio will alert the user to seek immediate medical advice for some of the proposed diagnoses.

Dr. Diagnosio also offers a wide array of subscription tiers, including free trials, modified for different family structures. By using Diagnosio, users agree to the Terms and Services.