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Technology And You: How Tech Can Help WIth Improving Your Health

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We currently live in a generation wherein technology has made our lives a lot easier and more comfortable. Technology has made every aspect of our lives a lot more convenient. Say goodbye to needing to go to the doctor every so often to check your blood pressure when you can do it at home.

Don’t pass up the opportunity of staying healthy and keeping tabs on your health in the comfort and security of your own home. Here’s some tech that can bring wonders and how you can use them to benefit your health!


Tech Gadgets and Their Benefits

The medical scene has always been littered with technological advancements as they fought against diseases. They went from bloodletting to cure a common cold to having over the shelf medicine to battle said cold. These are only some of the many innovations that make monitoring and helping with your health a lot easier.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Although at-home sphygmomanometers or blood pressure monitors have gone a lone way even though these have been ridiculed and frowned upon by most medical professionals. The reason why these are frowned upon is because of its inaccurate results.

This is no longer a problem, though, because of the creation of devices such as LotFancy. LotFancy’s effects are incredibly accurate and are recommended by multiple medical practitioners and by people who’ve used it before.

There are a lot of devices that people with diabetes can use to check their glucose. These devices have also significantly improved and allow you to use them in the comfort of your own home.


Fitness Trackers

Similar to most of the entries on this list, the fitness trackers have improved a lot ever since it was released to the public. It used just to count how many steps you’ve taken while you’re jogging or exercising. Now, it can keep track of your heart rate and the calories you burned during your work out routine. This helps motivate you as you see your progress when wearing these trackers.


Voice-controlled Digital Assistants

You’ve probably heard these things at least once in your life. It went from a simple voice command based AI or Artificial Intelligence like Siri to a much more complex system. A massive example of this would be Alexa. Alexa is just one of the many examples of how technology is helping and improving our lives.

Alexa is otherwise known as the Amazon Echo is your assistant that helps you with most of the things you’d need. It can look up information on the internet, activate and set off alarms, create a to-do list, and even look up questions on WebMD! Alexa also helps you make calls and texts if linked to your phone. This helps a lot if you have mobility issues or injuries. Alexa can also help during emergencies where you can’t find or reach your phone when you’re home alone.


Face Time

This quick and straightforward method of contacting and seeing your Doctor has been made possible by technology. We have the opportunity to get a rough diagnosis from your doctor from the comfort of your own home by video calling them. These can help a lot of people who are either too busy to get an appointment or unable to travel to their local general practitioner.

This can also help remove the stress and discomfort of having to wait long lines and queues. A simple video call with your doctor can do wonders and relieve the importance of having an actual appointment. Be careful, though, as the diagnosis may not be 100% accurate because the doctor can’t run tests while you’re at home. But at the end of the day, it’s still better than nothing!


The technological onslaught that brought about new gadgets and innovations is only getting stronger and stronger. Our interest and curiosity about technology isn’t something that’ll go away.

A strive to improve our craft will always be prevalent and will still grow and grow as the time comes. Who knows? Maybe in the next decade, there will be gadgets that outshine the ones listed above.