Is It OK to Look for Medical Symptoms and Diagnosis Online?

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At some point, the majority (if not all) of us have googled our medical symptoms hoping to skip a visit to the doctor.

Every time we suspect that something may be wrong with us, whether it’s a sudden ache or discomfort, we turn to search engines thinking that the answer we find online will make us more relieved.

If you’ve ever been searching for medical symptoms and diagnosis online, then you already know that doing this may actually help you lower your anxiety levels, especially when relying on trusted sources.

Should You Look for Medical Symptoms and Diagnosis Online?

Approximately 1% of Google searches queries are related to medical symptoms. Even though 1% might seem insignificant, it actually means that there are millions of queries for this particular topic.

We live in an era where people need to have access to information more than ever. So, looking up a symptom is a convenient way to get a fast answer, wherever you may be located.

If you can’t make an appointment with a doctor within a few days of experiencing a symptom that’s worrying you, then the next best thing is to check the symptom(s) as soon as possible, whether online or by using a tool such as Diagnosio.

In the majority of cases, online symptom checkers will provide an accurate diagnosis online 50% of the time and that is when we’re referring to common diseases. This was the conclusion of a study made in 2014 by Bennett Shenker, M.D., assistant professor of family medicine and community health.

The bottom line is that if you decide to look for medical symptoms and diagnosis online, you should only look for websites which provide trustworthy medical sources.

Also, keep in mind that the internet should not replace getting medical advice from your doctor.

Why You Should Check Medical Symptoms and Diagnosis with Diagnosio

If you find it hard to differentiate between trustworthy sources and false ones, then an intelligent search engine such as Diagnosio can help you provide a more accurate diagnosis based on your symptoms.

When displaying search results based on a certain query, Google does not consider the credibility of a website, but its popularity and how many clicks it receives.

On the other hand, Diagnosio uses only validated medical databases when performing searches. Whenever you input symptoms, the tool will display a table of diagnoses shown in order of relevance, depending on how well they match up with the symptoms you described.

Additionally, you will be alerted in case you need to seek immediate medical advice.

We believe that it’s important to have a better understanding of your symptoms, which is why Diagnosio will also provide links to highly trusted medical sources.

If you would like to run Diagnosio for someone in your family, this is a nice feature to have because it’s going to help you learn more about potential diagnoses.

Take Care of Yourself Wherever You Are

If you want to search online for medical symptoms, then the best thing you can do is use a tool such as Diagnosio.

Diagnosio uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to perform intelligent estimates from thousands of documented diagnoses and millions of previous queries based on your symptoms.

Now, you no longer need to rely on search engines and unreliable websites to find an answer to the symptoms you’re experiencing.

You can sign up and get a free trial which includes 3 free diagnostic examinations. Take control of your health right now!